The Evil Eye

I don’t know how many people read The Mark Cuban Weblog but the latest entry is great. I had always thought of Cuban as a Perot style nut (and his Russ Martin appearances fed that assumption — and not unintentionally, I’ll bet) but having read his blog for a while, I’ve changed my opinion. He’s just a guy who likes to work and happened to make a lot of money at it. Dig this:

Have you ever gotten the evil eye on national tv? I have. I liked it. It was one of those “watch me stare at you so hard, I think I can make you cry looks”…ooooh, I was scared.

That should whet your appetite. RTWT.


  1. That Cuban blog was good, but then he got all snooty about comments. We really need another name for the “pronouncements from on high in a blog-format but without comments.”

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Call it ‘touch-blog’, because it’s non-contact. I hate that too.