The Metrosexual’s Gun

Kim du Toit put up what he calls a “Metrosexual Gun” for his Gratuitous Gun Pic of the week, and I have to agree with him. Not only is the gun twinkish looking (as opposed to the utilitarian ugliness of the Glock) but it chambers a pretty useless cartridge (5.7mm). I disagree with Kim about the 9x19mm, but geez Louise, how tiny do you want your damned pistol cartridge? The biggest tradeoff for the nine is that you get more in the mag; with this thing, you are dealing with a zippy tiny bullet. Overpenetration galore in home defense, and there is no way it is going to stay in the target long enough to expend any energy.

But you didn’t come for the gun talk. You came to see this:

How about this one?


Or, we could go this direction:


Or for the more subtle:


The sad thing is that with the things you can do in annodizing nowdays, the only thing preventing these from making the market is the will to produce them.

Thank gawd.

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