Anudder Meme

Straight White Guy sends this meme along.

  • Last Cigarette: never
  • Last Alcoholic Drink: Absinthe, last night. From this place. It was a lot like moonshine.
  • Last Car Ride: To work this morning.
  • Last Kiss: Don’t recall.
  • Last Good Cry: Reagan.
  • Last Library Book checked out: Dunno, but I still have it checked out.
  • Last Movie Seen in Theater: Dawn of the Dead
  • Last Book Read: The Tyranny of Good Intentions
  • Last Movie Rented: Watched? MST3K: The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. Unwatched: Chinatown.
  • Last Cuss Word Uttered: Communist.
  • Last Beverage Drank: Coffee.
  • Last Food Consumed: Birthday cake. (not mine.)
  • Last Crush: An attorney here. If she wasn’t married… I probably still wouldn’t try anything. Actually, I’m still working on that one.
  • Last Phone Call: An attorney here, alerting me to a typo in a presentation to the court tomorrow.
  • Last TV Show Watched: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Last Time Showered: Monday. (My shower is busted so I’m showering at my parents’ house.)
  • Last Shoes Worn: The black Oxfords I am wearing now.
  • Last CD Played: Garbage Version 2.0 on the way home last night in the car.
  • Last Item Bought: A 45ci 3000psi HPA tank for my paintball marker on eBay.
  • Last Download: Manual for a Sanyo PLC-XU60
  • Last Annoyance: Dribbling water from the absinthe all over the coffee table last night
  • Last Disappointment: Stewarts Peach Soda, Sunday.
  • Last Soda: Stewarts Peach Soda, Sunday. They aren’t as good as Nehi. Not dry at all like Nehi is.
  • Last Thing Written: This list.
  • Last Key Used: Office
  • Last Word(s) Spoken: “Later”
  • Last Sleep: 6:30 AM this morning.
  • Last IM: From my 16 year old cousin yesterday. (Not the same one as below.)
  • Last Sexual Fantasy: The chick in the beige skirt and jacket this morning on the walk from the parking lot to the office. skeet skeet skeet
  • Last Weird Encounter: Giving the hairy eyeball to an unmarked police car cruising my block last night while I was grilling my NY Strips in the front driveway last night
  • Last Ice Cream Eaten: Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip Sunday. Sorry, Blue Bell.
  • Last Time Amused: Watching that stupid AARP Pork SS flash animation thing.
  • Last Time Wanting To Die: Never. I… I will survive…
  • Last Time Hugged: Last weekend, when my Aunt came down from Oklahoma for a visit.
  • Last Time Scolded: Don’t recall.
  • Last Time Resentful: Don’t recall.
  • Last Chair Sat In: Black adjustible office chair with arms. Here at the office.
  • Last Underwear Worn: Plaid boxers, on my behind right now.
  • Last Bra Worn: My cousin’s, on my head. She didn’t think it was funny either.
  • Last Shirt Worn: White shirt. With tie. Wearing it now.
  • Last Webpage Visited: SWG. See above.

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  1. Eric says:

    ..yeah, I thought this one was a pretty good meme too…