Ronnie’s Military

Some wine-swilling lawyer wrote some good stuff about the controversy over The Reagan Defense Build-Up. He’s right that it is contested whether Reagan’s build up was significantly influential in the breakdown of the Soviet Union.

Who cares?

Set aside Russia. How many more Americans would have died in 1991 in Iraq had we not spent the last decade getting ready to fight that war? Weapon systems like the F-15 and the M1a1 don’t roll off the assembly line in a couple of months. These systems take years to get up to strength and get fully deployed.

How many more Americans would have died in Bosnia without the Reagan build up? What position would we be in right now without the Reagan build up? You think Iraq is bad now? Imagine fighting it without the Abrahms battle tank. Without the F-117 stealth fighter. Without laser and GPS guided smart bombs. Without shoot-and-scoot artillery. Without Bradley APCs. Those are the things that Reagan put into our military.

It is an uncommon commander that can ready and army to fight the next war rather than the last one. Reagan was one of those commanders. (And John Kerry voted against every weapons system that came in front of him — the very same weapons systems that are saving American lives and costing terrorist lives right now.)


  1. Outstandimg analysis.

  2. Norman says:

    Ditto on the analysis. From an anecdotal comment, I was in the military in 1978 and the conditions under Commander-in-Cheese Carter were terrible. Morale was non-existent, equipment was substandard, and pay was lousy. Reagan came in and made a huge difference. From top to bottom.

  3. Michael says:

    Here’s drinking to the new arms race with Russia!

  4. Neil says:

    We should be working on those battle-droids from Star Wars Episode I right now. Damn it, no country, except maybe Japan, could compete with us in a battle-droid arms race — and theirs would be all pink with big puppy-dog eyes, while ours would be menacing and carry nukes. Anyway, my point is that — damn it that would be cool. Did I get off topic?