Science, not Fear

John Forbes Kerry claims that Bush Puts Ideology Before Science. Riiiight.

“We need a president who will once again embrace our tradition of looking toward the future and new discoveries with hope based on scientific facts, not fear,” Kerry said in a campaign statement issued as he traveled to Denver. “It’s about investing in the future of our country. I won’t let ideology and fear stand in our way.”

Oh, really, asshole? Let’s take a look at your record of fearmongering:

Kerry’s Introduction of Recycling Act of 1992: “Today I am introducing the National Recycling Markets Act of 1992 which I view as a crucial component of a national comprehensive solid waste plan. Recycling as a component of a comprehensive waste management plan holds the answer to many of our concerns. Recycling is an historic response to a new and ever-mounting environmental problem. We are borrowing–recycling, if you will–a practice that was commonplace during World War II. Recycling not only will minimize pollution. It will reduce the number and contentiousness of issues surrounding the siting of incinerators, while at the same time it will save energy and create an entirely new industry in the United States.” [Kerry, Congressional Record 3/17/92]

Sorry, Johnny. Recycling creates pollution, from the transporting of materials back to the recycling plant and the plant itself. It doesn’t save energy. As for “creating a new industry”, industry is damned good at creating industries — when they are profitable. The way the market works, if something saves energy, it is profitable and people do it without the government sticking a gun in thier back. What drives recycling? That’s right, fear and ideology, not science.

“The right to bear arms is a right that should be protected for law-abiding Americans who want to protect themselves and their families. There is, however, no right to place military-style assault weapons into the hands of the terrorists and criminals who wish to cause those families harm. But if we do not act today to continue the ban on these deadly weapons, that is exactly what will happen.

“For ten years, the assault weapons ban has stopped fugitives and rapists and murderers from purchasing weapons like AK-47s. And for ten years, not one honest, responsible American has had their guns taken away because of this law. That’s why gun owners across America support renewing the assault weapons ban. And why they support closing the gun show loophole so that gun shows can continue uninterrupted without being magnets for criminals trying to get around the law and without serving as ways for terrorists to purchase guns within our borders.

Sorry, Johnny. The AWB has nothing to do with criminals buying firearms. It was illegal before, and it will be illegal after the AWB sunsets. An AK-47 is not banned by the AWB. It is banned because it is fully automatic. It was illegal before the AWB, and will be illegal after the AWB sunsets. (And even at that, it isn’t really banned — it is just heavily taxed by the BATF.) Finally, criminals don’t buy guns at gunshows. They buy them from friends. There is no gun show loophole; the same rules apply to gun dealers and private citizens whether they are at a gun show, or not. Fear and ideology, not science and logic.

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  1. The Sicilian says:

    Kerry will continue to try to “look” better to the American people, the whole, he just continues to look more like a bafoon.