Shooting Up the Capitol

Some news from Washington State that really got my goat. Here’s the setup:

State law says all guns can be banned from schools or courthouses. Likewise, federal law prohibits carrying guns through airport security.

But in Washington, the law specifically says that in standard public buildings, such as city halls or the Capitol, you must be allowed to keep your firearm if you have a permit.

I think that is a dandy idea. CCP holders are, statistically, more law abiding than the average person, and if you really wanted to make the capitol safer, you should exclude people who don’t have permits, since they are on average more lawbreaking.

Here’s the part that got my goat.

And that’s troubling to some lawmakers.

“In the legislature, we do things on the floor. Somebody’s always mad about it, so I would just feel more secure if they didn’t have guns in the mix” said State Sen. Darlene Fairley, a Lake Forest Park Democrat.

Well. Let me break it down for you, Duhrlene. If you — my servant — are going to pass a law — and enforce that law using guns — and that law makes me and my fellow permit-holding constituants (who as I mentioned are more law abiding than the average person) so pissed off that we decide to shoot you dead over it — don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, you should rethink your position on that law?

That is the whole point of the Second Amendment, Duhrlene. When you are given the privilege of exercising the state’s privilege of force, you should do so with an armed populace at your back. It’s the American Way, and the more literal it is, the better.

(Via Joel Rosenberg, a fine American. Stupid registration on the news, article, use bugMeNot.)


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    Well said Phelps.

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