The Morons Running A Dead Industry

CNet is reporting that a Copy-blocked CD tops U.S. charts.

iPods still a problem
Like other recent copy-protected albums, the Velvet Revolver disc includes technology that blocks direct copying or ripping of the CD tracks to MP3 format. It also comes preloaded with songs in Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, which can be transferred to a computer or to many portable digital music players.

I (like most people with a high-end MP3 player) have an iPod. WMA doesn’t do jack shit for me.

According to SunnComm, few purchasers have complained about the anticopying tools, although angry postings on sites such as are common. The sticker on the front of the Velvet Revolver CD and a link inside the software that loads automatically on a computer, once a user has given permission, points to SunnComm’s Web site.

“We hear from less than half of one percent of people who have the Velvet Revolver disc,” SunnComm CEO Peter Jacobs said. “Most of those questions are related to getting the songs onto an iPod.”

Few people have complained to you. You know why? Because they have already figured out that you are a lying piece of shit and it isn’t going to do them any good. You said you were selling them a music CD. Instead, you sold them a corrupt, broken piece of shit. The people calling you about iPods are the ones who haven’t figured out that you deliberately fucked them over and think that maybe you are just incompetent.

“We are actively working with Apple to provide a long-term solution to this issue,” a posting on SunnComm’s Web site reads. “We encourage you to provide feedback to Apple, requesting they implement a solution that will enable the iPod to support other secure music formats.”

Requesting that they implement a solution? Here’s your goddamned solution. Read the Red Book. I guarantee you that if you put out a Red Book CD — you know, what your customers thought they were buying — that it will work perfectly with iPods. Asshole.

Oh, and you want the iPod to support “other secure music formats”? How about you support iPods and stop selling crippled, broken CDs?

EMI Music has “been encouraged by the success that SunnComm’s MediaMax product has enjoyed,” Richard Cottrell, global head of antipiracy for the record label, said in a statement. “We are pleased that SunnComm is developing a product that improves our ability to protect our artists’ works, especially during the prerelease phase.”

Well, that tears it for me. I will never buy another Audio CD again, because I can’t trust the damned thing to be what the package purports it to be. I’m going to get all my music from the ITMS, where I know what I am getting.

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