The Oh Sh!t Kit

Chuckles has been on his Preparedness Week kick, with a car kit being the current example. My kits tend to be simpler, for a simple reason. I am a single young man with a competent level of survival skills. My ability to adapt to a disaster situation is enhanced by my lack of burdens (and I mean that in the most neutral sense) of things like age, children and dependant females. (Full disclosure: I did have a cat. Cat’s aren’t hard to keep up with.)

My car kit is simple. Spare, toolkit, fix-a-flat, and some of that emergency fuel stuff. I keep a Mag-lite in the console. A lot of what I would consider using in an emergency situation are things that I always have on me (or available, as I work at the courthouse a lot.)

The first thing is one of the best things to come about in the last 100 years, and has probably saved more lives than anything except the bullet: the cell phone. I don’t worry too much about breakdowns. I can change tires, and I can fix a busted hose fitting by cutting it short and reclamping it, but for most anything else, I can have it towed to the house and fix it there, because I have a cell phone.

Weather isn’t a huge issue for driving in North Texas. All we have to really worry about is tornados. Those are over in about 60 seconds. You don’t have to plan for an extended stay. The other thing is our two days of ice a year, and we handle those by staying home for a couple of days and shutting down the city. (Really.)

Man’s first and most vital tool is the knife. I carry a medium sized Swiss Army Knife. (It is this one.) This one is a survival issue. I can’t do everything that I would want to do with this knife, but what I can do is make pretty much anything I am going to need with this knife.

The other part of the car kit goes in and out of the car with me, and that is the 9mm Glock in the console. The only predators I really need to worry about are the two-legged kind, and that is the only way to deal with them. I keep a couple of pre-ban clips in the console. (I really should carry them with me, but I’m lazy. It is a calculated risk.)

The last thing I carry is my grandfather’s Zippo. I keep flints and fluid in it. (Come to think of it, I should figure out a way to insulate a container and keep some in the trunk too.)

Being a young single male, that will handle virtually all my short term problems. Cell phone, Swiss Army knife, pistol, lighter. I’m set.

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