Right now, Yours Truly, your humble narrator, is fighting a summer cold. This isn’t as miserable as you can get, but it is bad. It is bad because you feel like shit, but not so bad that you can bring yourself to not go to work and put off the tasks that you have going.

I’m not going to the doctor. As Chris Rock says, if I’m going to the doctor, I’ve got to be “way past Robitussin.” I’ve been taking NyQuil at night. I love NyQuil. “NyQuil NyQuil NyQuil , we love you, you giant fucking Q.” NyQuil and Robitussin, to me, are what makes modern science worthwhile.

I decided today that when I’m not in a position to accept a NyQuil coma, Advil Cold and Sinus and Robitussin caplets aren’t going to cut it. Time for some of the good stuff — Robitussin-DM. I think the DM stands for, “Damn, Man! That is some good shit!” DM, however, has been, in my mind, dethroned as the King. I saw this sitting beside it, read the ingredients, and decided to try it. Meet Son of DM: Robitussin-CF. It has everything that DM has, and also a nasal decongestant that actually works. I could tell that it was working less than five minutes later, and fifteen minutes later, I was clear.

That is simply amazing to me. I can’t have that happen with a pill. My throat stopped hurting in seconds. Robitussin-CF. Whoever made this and got it to be Over the Counter should be given some sort of medal or citation.

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  1. Neil says:

    Drugs are good.