Nanner Awl asks if you remember your thoughts on September 12, 2001?

And look at what did happen. In mere months, Afghanistan was invaded, the Taliban fell, and an interim government was created which does not support terrorism. Squeals of “quagmire” didn’t die on the lips of the leftists, but they did have to be held for the next operation.

Less than two years after 9/11, Iraq was invaded, a tyrant deposed, and millions of people freed. The quagmire chorus hasn’t subsided completely yet, but it’s obvious to most that Iraq is not a quagmire. The “flypaper” strategy worked, terrorists were drawn into Iraq and away from other targets, and the US Marines have been killing them off at an admirable rate.

I remember. I remember thinking all of the things he described, and, “this isn’t going to end without us nuking wide swaths of the Middle East.” I simply didn’t believe that was had the ability to do nation building. I didn’t believe that we could win a war in Afghanistan conventionally. I had seen the Soviets get chewed up and didn’t believe that we could do it either.

I didn’t believe that we could successfully invade Iraq. I believed that the entire war would be fought in NBC gear, with guys dying of heat exhaustion because they couldn’t take off their rubber suits. I believed that there would be a massive scorched earth policy, and that Iraq would be ruined for Iraqis.

I believed that the Saudis couldn’t be turned around, and would have to be destroyed. I believed that when we started the war, Syria, Egypt and Jordan would attack Israel. I believed that Israel might take massive losses from chemical weapons, and respond with a nuclear attack, setting off a full blown saturation attack by the US on the whole Middle East.

I was wrong. George W. Bush handled this war in a way that far exceeded my expectations. We haven’t gone nuclear. We have toppled not one but two totalitarian regimes. We have begun the reformation of another (Lybia). We have started Saudi Arabia on the path of reformation. Israel is winning the Infantada (in no small part due to the cutoff of Saddam’s funding to the PLO.)

It’s a big shit sandwich, but we’ve only had to nibble at it, not take a big bite.


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    We get results!

    We paid a visit to Technorati today, and found some blogs unknown to us linking. One in particular responds to one of our posts, in which we asked “Do you remember your thoughts on 12 September 2002?” in a manner we were hoping that someone would:

  2. smijer says:

    This is a classic case of what I refer to as “the Revolution of Lowered Expectations” (with a nod to Robert A. Wilson)…