Blackfive has questions about BLACKFIVE: The Line Between Writers And Bloggers

And folks are starting to bounce what Atrios and Oliver Willis are writing on their blogs versus what they are writing professionally – and *feigned surprise*, oh my gosh, they are virtually the same!

Is that an Ethics issue? Or just slimy to push your work from your blog? It’s not like Chris Matthew’s “blog” or Bill O’Reilly’s “blog”.

What if you found out that I worked for a PR agency hired by Rumsfeld and never mentioned it on my psuedonymous blog?

Here’s the rub, PoL… they already think that. We’re digital brownshits, remember? We parrot the secret GOP talking points that get emailed out every day.

This has actually given me some insight into the movers and shakers of the left side of the blogosphere. It all goes back to Hillary’s “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” I have yet to see any evidence of a VRWC — but I do see a little bit of evidence of a small left wing conspiracy.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    I didn’t get my copy of the talking points this week. Can I borrow yours?

  2. Phelps says:

    Mine says, “John Kerry served in Vietnam.” And there isn’t anything on the back. I think I got the wrong one.

  3. Paulie at The Commons says:

    Not so small, really.