After-Action Reports

Kerry’s After Action Report as recounted in Unfit:

Kerry’s false after-action report, prepared to justify his Purple Heart and Bronze Star, reports “5,000 meters” of heavy fire — about 2½ miles, the same distance as a large Civil War battlefield. Not a shot of this fire was heard by Chenoweth, Thurlow, Odell or Pease.

Kerry’s after-action report ignores Chenoweth’s heroic action in rescuing PCF 3 survivors and Thurlow’s action in saving PCF 3, while highlighting his own routine pickup of Rassmann and PCF 94’s minor role in saving PCF 3.

When Chenoweth’s boat left a second time to deliver the wounded PCF 3 crewmen to a Coast Guard cutter offshore, Kerry jumped into the boat, leaving the remaining officers and men the job of saving PCF 3. It was in terrible condition, sinking just outside the river.

Kerry’s eagerness to secure his third and final Purple Heart evidently outweighed any feelings of loyalty, duty or honor with regard to his fellow sailors. Thurlow and the other brave sailors who saved PCF 3 and towed it out did not seek Purple Hearts for their “minor contusions.” Indeed, several PCF 3 sailors did not seek or receive Purple Hearts.

So much for that theory.

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