juiceenewsdaily© > alabama news. jasper news. juicee news.” href=””>This is foul. The Kerry girls got booed at the MTV Video awards. It was crass — I wouldn’t support booing anyone’s kids unless they take a very active part in the campaign or commit some malfeasance personally. I didn’t support mocking Chelsea Clinton, and I don’t support mocking the Bush or Kerry girls. This, however, is more than crass; it is dishonest.

After seeing the show broadcast live, then watching the re-broadcast of the show, many are cryin gfoul as it seems that MTV has dubbed over, or edited out many of the boos the daughters recieved.

No NO NO. Someone whack MTV with a rolled up newspaper. If your viewers boo, they are telling you something important. They are saying that they aren’t happy with your product. When you cover that booing up, you are telling them that you don’t give a shit what they think and that they should shut up and take what you give them. It is not only arrogant and reminiscent of 1984 and Stalin’s airbrushing, it is insulting to your audience.

Not only that, but now CNN is trying to report that the boos were meant for both the Kerry AND Bush daughters. While the Bush daughters may have received boos, viewers could not hear them due to the fact that their appearance was made via satellite.

CNN said that some audience members gave a “standing ovation”… which is odd considering the fact that most of the individuals were standing throughout the entire program… they had to… they were standing room only seats…

This is the most unkindest cut. CNN has dropped all pretense of trying to appear unbiased. If someone gets booed, report it or don’t. But don’t try to “interpret” what the boos mean. Just report the boos. And don’t feed us a line of shit that is entirely irrelevant like the “standing ovation” line. It is bad enough when you misreport something, but it is inexcusable when you make shit up.

I’m done with CNN. Toss them on the heap with CBS.


  1. THE "D" says:

    Very good point Phelps. It is very rude to boo the kids of a person that you do not like. Now the first thing is that I don’t believe that the girls should have even been at the awards. What purpose does it serve?

  2. Phelps says:

    MTV has the insane idea that it’s uneducated, too-young airhead viewers SHOULD vote. I think MTV would be doing a service to the community if it convinced its viewers to NOT vote.

  3. MTV = “Morons Touting Videos that suck”

    You know you’ve found a rip in the space-time continuum and landed on your ass in an alternate universe when Kerry’s daughters are booed at a youth event, and MTV practices censorship.