Medal Hound or Excited Puppy?

JustOneMinute asks at the end of this post:

OK, what is on your wish list for released records?

I want to see the recommendations for citation that Kerry put in for other people.

Think about it. Accept for the sake of argument that Kerry’s medals are puffed up. Not exactly fraudulent, but not on par with the other meritous things going on in Viet Nam at the time. There are two explanations for that:

  • Kerry is a medal hound that wants to rack up as many citations as he can for a future political campaign


  • Kerry is one of those guys who, through no ulterior motive, writes everything up in glowing praise and thinks any little act is worthy of high citation and award.

I really do (even with that Blogs for Bush button over there) hold out hope for the second one. The election is by no means certain, and if Kerry wins, I would rather it be the second guy in that list than the first. To show that, we need to look at how Kerry talked about other men compared to himself.

If there are Bronze Stars and Silver Stars being recommended for the men on his boat, and other skippers, and everyone else Kerry came into contact, I’ll give him the benefit of doubt. If he deluging the commendation board with piles of recommendations for everyone, and not just himself, then he certainly gets the benefit of doubt. But if 9 out of 10 recommendations that went up the ladder were signed John Kerry and recommending John Kerry, then it sure looks like the first option up there, not the second.

So I want to see the recommendations that Kerry made for citations, both for himself and others. I want the context of Kerry talking to the commendation board.

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