Team America

As someone who is a fan of Parker and Stone and has actually, you know, watched more of their work than just a couple of South Park clips someone emailed to them, I think that people are getting a lot more worked up over Team America: World Police than they should.

I have to wonder if these people actually watched the trailer. They know who they are going to piss off, and there are a lot of lefties in that list. I am pretty sure that this will be more In My World than F911. Parker and Stone are hawkish libertarians. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, hard left socialists. They have celebrated the capture of Saddam on South Park. They are certainly not pacifists. I think the most telling thing about how this will go is how they handled the war in Afghanistan on South Park.

The people in Afghanistan hate the American boys. Why? Because the boys are American. Turns out that you really don’t need any other reason, and your reason doesn’t have to make any sense. Sometimes, you end up with an entire country of “buttholes” like Afghanistan. Osama makes an appearance. Is it to show that he really didn’t do it? Hell no. It is to lampoon him in the style of the Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny WWII war propaganda (something sorely missing from this war.)

How is Saddam portrayed? Well, he is an evil squeaky voiced homosexual and Satan’s lover. How have they portrayed Bush in the past? They did That’s My Bush. Was Bush portrayed as a dim-witted guy? Sure. But it is important in what he was not portrayed as. He was not someone who took his job lightly. He was not evil. He was not the destroyer of America. He was likable guy who was in a little over his head. I think that is a pretty light hand.

I think Parker and Stone are Bush fans, just like me. They have some problems with what Bush has done, just like me. They still think, though, that he is the best shot that we have right now for making it through this — just like me. If they want to portray him as a dingy but likable guy who might be a little brash but still understands the difference between good and evil — well, they aren’t the first.


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