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Deja Vu for Rather

Am I the only one that isn’t surprised by this in the blogosphere? And I’m not talking about “the MSM and Rather are biased.” I’m talking, Rather is regularly duped by sources and generally sucks at fact checking.

Stolen Valor by Jug Burkett and Glenna Whitley is an invaluable resource for this kind of thing. Jug was writing about John Kerry and all these subjects 10 years ago, so it isn’t like he is some hack playing a back and forth because John Kerry is running against George Bush. This is from page 104 of Stolen Valor; it is carried on from a story about “Marvin” who manufactured a complete lie about how he was so traumatized in Vietnam that he lived in the forest in stumps and prompted the duped journalist to bring up the quote, “If your own mother says she loves you, check it out”:

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Dan’s New Adventures

So the blogosphere is all in a big circle, patting each other on the back. We’ve gone straight past the foregone conclusion (to us, at least) that Dan Rather is going to end up “on the beach” and now, I’ve taken it to the next level and decided to predict where Danny-boy is going to be working once he’s been shitcanned from CBS.

What’s that? Did I hear “Photoshops?” Then Photoshops ye shall have!

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Blatent Forgeries

I don’t normally link to a story that is so well known already as this one on the CBS forgery, but it looks like it is going for a record on trackbacks. I think it is worth noting that, like the swiftvets story, this one is going to be too big for the MSM to spike as is usual.

I’ve only done limited typesetting, and this one was a blatent forgery to me. Either Rather never showed this to anyone in the graphics department, or no one in the graphics department had the balls to challenge Rather.

Or they wanted Rather to get nailed on it. Consider that one.

Wictory Wednesday

Today is Wictory Wednesday. It is too late to donate cash to the campaign, but we still urge you to donate time to help re-elect Bush.

On another note, if you have $15 burning a hole in your pocket, I would like to remind you of a tiny link that I have on the sidebar. It is a tiny link titled Buy a GI some Pizza. You send them $2.95 per order (five or more orders at a time: $15) and they will use that money to pick up the tab for a GI to have a slice of pizza and a Pepsi in the Middle East (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel). It’s that simple. They have Pizza Hut outlets at some of the bases, and will send it out to troops near the base. (Don’t forget PizzaIDF if you are feeling really generous.)

Think back to when you were 19. Imagine that it had been weeks since you had a slice of Pizza. Give out a few to some guys who will appreciate it.

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We “dissed” a bunch of countries on Kyoto?

This is the sort of foriegn policy we can expect? John Kerry has a habit of watching movies and thinking that he is in them, as evidenced by his Christmas in Cambodia (Apocalypse Now). I kinda hoped that he would see something useful like The Manchurian Candidate or Dr. Strangelove.

Apparently someone screwed up and took him to How High.

The Defense to Beslan

I wrote before about how we have to expect another Beslan here because it is was too effective. I postulated that the only thing we could do was to storm the school as soon as possible, and try to build schools with more windows. A Dave Kopel story titled Guns, Terrorism & Teachers actually gives me hope that we might be able to nip this idea in the bud.

Arming teachers would do quite a lot for stemming this sort of attack. You don’t need many teachers armed — maybe 1 in 20. What made Beslan terribly effective was that it was a hostage situation. It wasn’t just an attack. By arming teachers, you insure that the next one will just be an attack, not a hostage taking. In an attack, they only hit what targets are available. In a hostage situation, they round up many more targets, have an opportunity to execute and torture at their leisure, and can round everyone up for one large execution (explosion) at the end, like Beslan.

Arming teachers denies them that opportunity. By having adults with concealed weapons in the mix, they cannot take hostages at a school. There is no way for a team of terrorists to herd 1000 students and prepare to repel attacks. In fact, it would be nearly impossible simply to herd the children. They need the adults from the school to do that — adults who know the children and have the children’s trust. To take the children hostage, you must take the adults hostage.

When the teachers are armed, they cannot do that. Terrorist teams cannot absorb casualties in the initial assault. They simply can’t muster the numbers (or they would be guerillas, not terrorists.) They have three choices when there is the possibility of armed defenders: they can kill all adults on sight, they can try to sort out those armed, or they can simply ignore it. The first option is a bust, because they will have no one to manage the children, and the mission is a failure. The second option is a bust because they are likely to have terrorists killed in the search process, making the mission likely to fail. The third option is a bust, because they are likely to have armed infiltrators in their midst who will either stage an insurrection at an opportune time, or wait and then assist the coming assault team, catching the terrorists in a deadly crossfire.

Armed teachers is a wildcard that the terrorists cannot afford to bet against. I think this is the main reason this was tried in Russia and not Israel, especially in regard to the nine Arab terrorists.