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John Edwards’ supporters: Making America safer by making little girls cry.


And for anyone that is wondering, I wouldn’t tollerate this being done to a little girl holding a Kerry sign at a Cheney rally. However, the right side of the aisle doesn’t have a fetish about ripping up the signs of the other side while they are in the other side’s hands.

(Via Ravenwood)

Update: A caveat on the story: The Two-Bit Captain has strong suspicions about the story; I am agnostic on it in light of his points. I have seen the argument that, “well, this is typical of lefties,” but I’m not going to get dragged into that. If it is so typical, then there will be more clearcut cases than this one. If this was staged, it was deplorable on the part of the father.


  1. Not to downplay the actions of the Kerry supporters, but what sort of father takes a three year old girl into a deliberately confrontational situation like that?

  2. Phelps says:

    That’s one of the compelling arguments that CQ makes. On the other hand, I’m not going to let my thinking devolve down to “if she wasn’t wearing that dress, she wouldn’t have been raped” when it hasn’t been shown one way or the other if this was staged. If he really was attacked, taking your daughter to an oppo rally doesn’t justify having your daughter attacked by thugs.

  3. Walking through the bad parts of town at two am doesn’t justify getting mugged, either. But I’m still going to think you’re an idiot if you do so.