Wictory Wednesday

Today is Wictory Wednesday. It is too late to donate cash to the campaign, but we still urge you to donate time to help re-elect Bush.

On another note, if you have $15 burning a hole in your pocket, I would like to remind you of a tiny link that I have on the sidebar. It is a tiny link titled Buy a GI some Pizza. You send them $2.95 per order (five or more orders at a time: $15) and they will use that money to pick up the tab for a GI to have a slice of pizza and a Pepsi in the Middle East (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel). It’s that simple. They have Pizza Hut outlets at some of the bases, and will send it out to troops near the base. (Don’t forget PizzaIDF if you are feeling really generous.)

Think back to when you were 19. Imagine that it had been weeks since you had a slice of Pizza. Give out a few to some guys who will appreciate it.

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