Hooray for Hollywood

In the comments to a Fantastic Post by Michael J. Totten on the Totalitarian state of Syria vs. the Totalitarian State of America, I was intrigued by this comment by Johnathan:

Michael, I have a suspicion about the extreme Left (and perhaps the extreme Right). The suspicion is that they view the world through a filter of movie scripts. With John Kerry, they do not see policies or his record, they see “Seabiscuit”. With regards to the Patriot Act, the script goes: US gets attacked on 9/11. Evil Bush, who stole the election, uses that to create a totalitarian state in America and invade other countries for his rich oil buddies. And one lone senator shall oppose him. This Evil President does everything possible to deny people to vote, spreads lies and falsifications, but the people unite and bring the Good Senator to a victory, ending the Evil.

I’ve noticed this myself. In many (many) ways, John F. Kerry is the archetypical leftist, and he shows this over and over. He started his career in the military seemingly from a movie. He is well known for telling everyone over there that he was going to be the Next JFK from Massachusetts. Maybe this was because he had spent too much time watching PT 109.

When he gets back, he starts telling his Magic Hat stories, about how he took some CIA guys into Cambodia on his boat. I think he watched Apocalypse Now too many times. He seems to want to base his environmental policy off of The Day After Tomorrow.

Why is Fahrenheit 9/11 such a big deal to the American Left? Maybe it is because the American Left has a hard time telling the difference between Reality and Hollywood, and thinks the rest of the country does too.

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