Trials and Tivos

I’m back from my big hiatus. I was working on a trial, which did indeed go to a jury verdict. We managed to put an embezzling, lying, cheating fraud into about $6MM of debt, and his sidekick got his own $1MM, so I feel pretty good about that. Our clients were two nurses and an airline pilot husband of one of the nurses. The nurses were both Air Force brats and wives, and the husband was a retired Air Force Pilot. They will be getting the company they built back from this fraud, even if they never see the money he owes them. I feel pretty damned good about that.

There was a celebration. It involved, on my part, a lot of beef, several gin and tonics (in deference to our star witness, who substitutes them quite nicely for food) and a lot of wine. It took me several days to recover from that celebration and the fatigue of 300 billable hours in three weeks right off of a Vegas vacation, so that is my excuse for not blogging anything sooner.

I am going right back into another trial on November 1st, but it shouldn’t be as demanding as the one I have been on. I am still working on catching up with my news aggregator, which still shows 1278 unread items. I want to make a big shout out to my shiftless guest bloggers, who haven’t actually posted a single line of text. Way to live up to my expectations, guys!

I want to make one thing perfectly clear:

  • Tivo changed my life.

Before I had Tivo, on the television front, I would just drop off the earth at the start of a trial. Since I have gotten Tivo, I get all my cartoons, Tivo goes out and finds Paintball related shows for me, it records war documentaries for me that I don’t even ask for, and I can keep up with my comedies like Reno 911 and my indulgences like Stargate SG-1 and Andromeda. (That Dylan Hunt is dreeeeamy. That doesn’t make me gay, does it?)

The coolest thing is that sometimes it does stuff I didn’t even know that it does. I was watching Mythbusters, and a commercial came on for the new episode in the middle of it. I saw up in the corner where it said, “Press [the thumbs up key] to Record this Show.” That is the coolest thing I have ever seen Tivo do. I’m guessing that they had to add some sort of signal to the commercial, because I have never seen it do that for anything else, but I did indeed press the thumbs up, and I was able to skip recording a South Park rerun to get the new Mythbusters. That is really, really cool and they should start doing that for every commercial.

I have about 35 Season Passes set up on a 40 hour Tivo. I really need to get a bigger Tivo.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    I want to make a big shout out to my shiftless guest bloggers, who haven’t actually posted a single line of text. Way to live up to my expectations, guys!

    Hee hee! Hey I write all the time. And I don’t think UNLV has written a single line of text since college, comments on other peoples blogs excepted of course. I’ll have to remember to drink gin the next time I have something to celebrate.

  2. Phelp says:

    So much for you ever drinking gin again! Zing!

  3. kyer says:

    Good to finally have you back, Phelps!

    Everytime I stopped by and saw the tremendous gaping void where posts shoulda been, I began to wonder…

    Your blog is on my primary daily-reads blogroll for a reason, you know!