What Did He Do?

Lawrence O’Donnell comes unhinged on John O’Neill and keeps asking him over and over, “What did you do to stop the war?”

I’ll tell you what he did, O’Donny: He killed the enemy. He spent 12 months over there doing what wins wars — killing the enemy and wrecking its morale.

There are two ways to win a war. You kill so many of the enemy that they are unable to fight, or you demoralize them enough that they don’t want to fight anymore. O’Neill followed path #1, and killed the enemy. That is what he was told to do. John Kerry, at the same time, did many, many things that made the second path almost impossible for the US. There was no way to demoralize the enemy when they had a vocal, well publicized cheerleader over here.

O’Neill, when he wasn’t able to kill the enemy any more because his tour was over, came home and fought John Kerry’s lies. When you can’t end the war by killing the enemy, you win the war by demoralizing him. O’Neill never stopped trying to end the war.

What did he do to end the war? He worked to WIN it, you miserable piece of shit. That is how a patriotic American ends a war.


  1. RIGHT ON RED >> says:

    The O’Donnell Factor

    This is not the first time O’Donnell has shown his *ss on national television.

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  3. Try to bludgeon it into a Democrat’s thick skull that winning a war means killing people, and you will pretty soon be needing to maintenance your bludgeon.

  4. ambush says:

    Didn’t anyone bother to look up what Oneil did in Vietnam? He was only on the swift boats for 3 months, and the only thing he shot up was one of the other swift boats. The rest refused to go out with “John Wayne Oneil” after that, and he spent the rest of the war in a place he couldn’t hurt anyone.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Kerry and others helped us get out of Vietnam early, saving Thousands of lives. I was there, and I support Kerry

  5. Phelp says:

    I looked up what O’Neill did. Perhaps you are thinking of someone other than John O’Neill, who has has two Ls in his name. Maybe this O’Neil exists in the fantasy world where you served in Vietnam. There are thousands of pretenders out there, and until I see something to substantiate your claim, I’m going to assume that you are another bum sucking on the PTSD teat.