Always in the Back of my Mind

Kim du Toit points out something I seldom forget on the “I’m leaving the country” rant:

During the Dark Times (aka. the Clinton presidency), a couple of conservatives like myself were chatting about a similar topic (motivated by the same emotions that the Left are talking about it, just for polar opposite reasons), when we came to a simple conclusion:

There is nowhere else in the world for conservatives to go.

No other country offers as much personal freedom as the United States; certainly, no other country “allows” its citizens to be armed to the same extent, and very few countries offer the same freedom of speech as we enjoy here, to name but two examples.

So while I applaud the motivation of the Left to seek more hospitable climes for the autumn of their discontent, let me also remind conservatives among my Readers (and there may be one or two) that we cannot, ever, allow the Left to gain control of this country’s government again — whether in the guise of the Democrat Party, the Green Party, or the Clinton Adoration Party.

Because for us conservatives, the choices of escape are not only limited, but may well be non-existent.

It is we who have our backs to the wall, not the liberals.

Fucking-A. I need to go buy some more 7.62x39mm this weekend for Ammo Week. About 1000 rounds, in a sealed tin suitable for burying.

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  1. Solomon says:

    Recently, I haven’t understood the whole leaving America thing. I mean, the day after George Bush won (and Bill Clinton), I didn’t see freedoms being taken away wholesale by Democrats or Republicans. But since I’m part of the sinister Left (Green), I guess conservatives need to worry about us. I guess. As long as no one comes banging on my door demanding that I be down with them or else. Then the ol’ Mossberg will be waiting. 🙂