Dan’s Reality

Ace of Spades transcribes Dan the Man last night:

DAN RATHER: One would expect that the blogging machine which the White House and the Bush-Cheney campaign has used for any number of purposes over their four years will start now, if it hasn’t started already, to say, listen, Kerry-Edwards, for the good of the country, need to concede.

Dan, Dan, Dan… listen closely: There. Is. No. Blogging. Machine.

No one feeds us spin. We do just fine on our own, thank you. No one emails us talking points. (Actually, I’ve got some Democrat wonk emailing me crap I never asked for, but I treat it like all the penis pill spam I get. I’m happy with the candidate I chose and the size of my penis, so both of you cut it out.)

The blogosphere, if it feeds on anything other than ego, feeds on hype. Consider these two possibilities, Dan:

  • I get emailed some talking points from Karl Rove, and I parrot them just like everyone else and become just another myrmidion


  • I take those talking points, shout “look! Karl Rove is feeding me talking points!” and then become the darling of the left wing moonbats and get a Kos-alanche.

It’s simple game theory, Danny Boy. I’m going to do that latter, I’m going to suck on the teat of hype and boost my ego, and then I am going to fade away like all the other bloggers.

And so would half the other bloggers who got fed talking points like that. Face it, Dan — if the machine existed, bloggers would have been burning thier own grandmothers at the stake to break the story.


  1. Northe says:

    Just shows how out of touch with the rest of the country they really are. The fact that Daschle took an elbow to the chin is a huge statement as well. Not taking a single southern state has to hurt. They need to get back to the Democratic Party of old and earn their respect back and get away from the radical lefties like Soros.

  2. Northe says:

    Oh and since we are on the topic of broadcaster talking heads, did you guys see the Cronkite transcript with dear old Larry King on how he thinks Karl Rove had something to do with the Osama tape? Ofcourse the lot of us would imagine that Larry would atleast question him let alone be flabergasted at something like that on his show, but Larry sat there like the cadaver he is. Didn’t question or make a peep about such an outrageous statement. Then networks like CNN wonder why no one watches. Good times.

  3. Phelps says:

    Cronkite’s been off his rocker for a decade. I still remember seeing him in 96 chatting away with the other talking heads late on election night and going waaaaaaay off the deep end… and then he looks up and apparently see the tally light on the camera. “Are we on the air?” Yup, Walt, been on the air for a while. Long enough.

  4. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    I saw a blogging machine on Ebay!

  5. Phelps says:

    Then how come you didn’t buy it and get a blog, you lazy cheap bum!

  6. Mexigogue says:

    PETA sent me some talking points and I fired an email right back telling them where they could shove it. They hit me back again offering to hook me up with a new muicci cue stick. I said “Let’s talk deal.”

    Who said you can’t negotiate with terrorists?

  7. Phelps says:

    It was either Descartes or Aquaman. Could be either one, since they are both surrender monkeys.