Today, I voted on one sole, single issue. Had 9/11/01 never happened, I would be proudly, loudly, and defiantly voting against George W. Bush. Had the Democratic party not acted fecklessly, irreverently, and pusillanimously in its primary, I may have been voting for them.

I am voting for life and honor.

Don’t miss some thoughts by Michael J. Totten, BTW.

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  1. Alex D. says:

    I did wind up voting for Kerry (no surprise, huh?), but I was a little uneasy with giving away nuclear material to Iran and returning to failed paper diplomacy in China. In hindsight, I guess those things were a bigger deal and more of a problem than I was willing to accept. In fact, had I not been equally upset with Bush’s presidency, I would’ve tried all I could to keep Kerry out of the White House. Maybe Bush’s re-election was all for the best.