The conventional wisdom is that the re-election of an incumbent is a referendum on that incumbent. In a sense, that was true this time; the people that were voting for Kerry were by and large simply voting against Bush. I think that something is missing from this mind set, thought.

As much as this was a referendum on the presidency of George W. Bush, this was a referendum on the Democratic Machine. In that sense, there was a mandate issued. More than 50% of the country thumbed its nose at the Democratic Machine. The People disagreed with the Machine and said, “No, we don’t agree that the president is the anti-Christ.” The People decided to throw out — impeach, in a sense — the Democratic Minority Leader. The People, in state after state, threw out the idea of gay marriage, a darling of the Democratic Machine.

What is the Democratic Machine? It is, of course the DNC, but it is wider than that. It is the mainstream media, who failed to deliver their 15%, and whose bias became clear to the country when Dan Rather refused to acknowledge that he was pushing forged documents. The damage there wasn’t as much that the documents were forged; simple incompetence will explain that. The damage is in the cover up, a lesson that the mainstream media should have learned from Watergate.

The Democratic Machine includes its Paid Bloggers. (Is this the blogging machine you mentioned the other day, Dan?) It is one thing to be wrong. It is another to hawk plain lies like Bush plans to start the draft back up. (Note the dates on those.) I’m not pointing the finger at all or even most lefty bloggers; the vast majority of them are just like righty bloggers, filtering information and adding opinion. The problem is when those bloggers get added to the payroll and start pumping out partisan lies.

The Democratic Machine includes the Whackaloon Brigade. Rather than shuffle fringe groups like ANSWER, PETA, CAIR, NOW, and such off to the fringe and out of the party mainstream, the DNC has embraced them. When was the last time you heard about the GOP endorsing the Christian Coalition? When was the last time you heard the GOP saying nice things about mainstream special interest groups like the NRA (roughly equivalent to Greenpeace)? The GOP has pushed its fringe to the fringe. The DNC has pulled it into its heart.

The Democratic Machine includes the bubble-headed celebrity world. Al Franken? Denied. Alec Baldwin? Denied. Sean Penn? Denied. Danny Glover? Denied. Susan Sarandon? Denied. No one cares what you have to say repeat after reading in The Guardian. Celebrities aren’t out — Arnold is the Governator, for Pete’s sake. What is out is the celebrity who can say, “do what I say because I am famous and therefore better than you.”

This election was a referendum on the Democratic Machine and the whole dirty tricks system. The vote is in — the Machine has been recalled. Ollie said:

We’re telling the world that we endorse the last four years, and give thumbs up to more evil.

Sick. Then again, Richard Nixon won a second term too.

You don’t get it, Ollie. You’ve shown that you don’t get what happened then or what happened now. Nixon didn’t win reelection because the People are stupid. He won because of Viet Nam. The People don’t run from wars and put the surrender party in power. In 72, the DNC ran McGovern, Kerry’s analogue. McGovern was a war hero and hard liberal, like Kerry. However, like Kerry, McGovern’s answer to the Viet Nam war was “cut and run”. It cost him the election, and it cost Kerry the election.


  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Good points today! The whole Nixon thing is interesting. The liberals always blame Nixon for Vietnam when in fact it was Kennedy, Johnson and a Democrat dominated congress who got us in there and quagmired in the first place. Nixon got us out of that mess in late 72 after a gradual withdrawl that started in 1969…

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    Actually, I think the media DID delivery Kerry 15%. Without CBSNBCABCCNNMSNBCNewYorkTimesLATimes etc, etc, etc, Kerry would have lost in a landslide instead of essentially less than 3%.

    On the other hand, perhaps you’re right. The media did a STELLAR job of showing Red America that Blue America thinks we’re knuckle-dragging, rednecked, bigoted, intellectual flyweights. There was, I believe, a considerable “FUCK YOU!” vote from the Right and the center-right.

    So perhaps it was a push. The volume of turnout might indicate that the media DID deliver 15%. Fifteen percent MORE VOTERS. To both sides.