Lookout! Weird tangent! Jeff Jarvis said (on a totally different subject):

Weblogs have shown a new way because they are distinctly human; they have a human voice; they are transparent. And they demand equivalent transparency of media: We want them to unhide their agendas and show their prejudices and process.

This is what I see as the strength of the Russ Martin Show – transparency. This is the result of knocking down the fourth wall. It is the intentional coursening of the show — Russ humming while he looks for a call to take, talking to the production staff on the air, even turning the mics off to have private conversations.

What these things do is remind us that we aren’t listening to some big coordinated production. We don’t think that we are being fooled because we expect something slicker when someone is trying to fool us. (Another brilliant paradox of the show, BTW.) When the production itself — the technical side — shows through, then we feel like are just hanging out with a couple of buddies.

For anyone who doesn’t get the Russ Martin show, check out, run by Don Sierra, a buddy of the show. It isn’t an official CBS/Viacom or show production, but it is… authorized? condoned? by Russ and the Show. Check out the free clips, and if you like it, think about Don’s $7 a month premium subscription. He’s added a full show feed now, and it is an entertainment value. (Aiden might even like it.) To see more of what I have said about the RMS, check out the “The Russ Martin Show” category link on the sidebar.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    My favorite part so far is when they talked about how long you can ethically allow a thief to get his ass kicked before you step in and say something. I guess the one guy got beaten for like three full minutes and they were saying that’s a long time.

    I heartily endorse this event or product!

  2. Mexigogue says:

    I’m listening again with earphones on today at work. I’m on yesterday’s program! vomit good fun!!!!

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Weed in his lunchbox! It gets better and better!

    (I’m forever a day behind though)

  4. Phelps says:

    I’m two days behind, so I just got the joke. This line is priceless:

    Gavin: What are you doing?

    Russ: We’re having a hookah party.

    JD: I’m very tense.

    Russ: JD is very tense. We’re smoking weed for him.

    Gavin: You can’t do that stuff on air!

    Russ: Come in here, and bring me some granola bars. Hurry.

    Gavin: I can’t be involved in this! It’s a, a violation!

    Russ: It’s theater of the mind. There’s really nothing in here. There’s no lighter [lighter striking], there’s no kabuka [thudding sound] and there’s no weed. [Crumbling sound].

    Gavin: Alcohol’s in your contract, not weed.

  5. shep says:

    “Unhide” is a very poor non-English choice for the verb “reveal”. Not unlike folks who use the verb “gift” for “give”.