Go Russ Go

Russ has “relieved” Dan O’Malley of his duties on the Saturday 7-11pm show this weekend for talking out his ass, and now he is talking about filling the time by smoking meat on the air. Maybe playing some Christmas carols on KVIL while he does it. All I have to say is…

Do it. Please do it. I’ll be listening just to see if he will. It’s performance art. It’s avante guarde. It will cement the Russiah as an artiste. I guarantee you that no other radio personality has filled four hours smoking meat and listening to another station on the air. Only Russ Martin could do this and get better ratings than the show he is replacing. “Smoking Meat with Russ Martin.”

One Comment

  1. Mexigogue says:

    Thanks to the Russ Martin show I’m reverting to a Texas accent when I pick up the phone at work. Russ’s isn’t so pronounced but many of his callers make me feel like I’m back in my birthplace. So much so that when I heard a Michigan radio guy the other day I thought damn he sounds very midwestern.