The Year In Review

Mexi decided to post his Year In Review, and it seemed like a good idea. Here’s my “Best of Phelps” take.

I started the year by tackling the fundamental blogging issue of

In February, I revamped a SF Gate article on “Selling the War without lying”. Also, take a peek at the Poster for White Glenn’s Movie. I covered the wild, wild world of tactical nuclear weapon development.

March started a long series of This week in photos. It continued in April.

I also sparred with S-TrainSolo and Glenn about the Rick and the Poor. I took the opportunity to remind you that the state doesn’t want to keep you safe, they just want your money. Those are both pretty heavy, so round March out with 10 Ways to Waste Your Vote.

April, of course, started with April 1st. May started the election musings, and then followed it with another Modest Proposal on winning the war on terror.

I explained why politicians should remember that they would have been shot in 1776. Of course, I can’t stay serious for long, so when Ronnie died, I honored him in the only way I know how — I made fun of him. June also brought a hellacious storm to Dallas, which resulted in
my power going out. We actually fared OK — there were parts of Dallas, deep in the city, that were out of power for over a week. I amused myself by ripping on an over-the-hill piano dork.

In August, we are back to the election, and I try to teach a lesson on the difference between lying and honesty. September, however, brought Phelps’ Excellent Vegas Adventure. Hunter S. Thompson, eat your heart out.

November was starting to slack, with me using my vital energy to rant about Starbucks cups. I did talk about Jon Stewart’s unusual ability to actually recognize the culture war. I put my own view on the election results being a referendum on the culture war.

For the December roundup, I reviewed fireworks safety with MamaSlyth. All in all, I think my quality started high (overall) at the start of the year and tapered off right after the election. I hope that if we get into the some “interesting times” as the Chinese say, I can drop some more knowledge and improve my quality.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    I hadn’t read the one on psuedonymity and anonymity before. That was damn good reading.