Armstrong Apologies

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of Armstrong Apologies, the latest being the one from The Laughing Wolf. Michelle Malkin has been all over it too. Wolfie is apologizing about how they haven’t been talking about it but that doesn’t mean they don’t care, while Michelle is acting like this is PayolaGate. I think some disclosure from me is appropriate.

  1. I have no idea who Armstrong is.
  2. The only Armstrong I have ever seen is Stretch Armstrong.
  3. I don’t care who he is.
  4. I have no idea why I should care who Armstrong is.
  5. I have no idea why what he is said to have done is a big deal.

Is this supposed to be news? Am I the only one who has been paying attention the last 20 years? There is nothing new about this, except maybe that there is finally a “conservative” who is in on the deal. I guess it is new that the Department of Education is getting in on it; it has usually been the War on minorities the poor freedom Drugs that was the subject.

The government has been giving payola to TV people for years to push messages. You think all that crap in 90210 and ER with the stupid, sappy “look how horrible drugs are” themes were because anyone thought it was good television? Hell no. They were there because they were paid to make those shows by the government. (Salon of all places has a history of the Drug War Payola.)

Look. If you think this is important because the government shouldn’t be in the business of buying programming, I am 100% behind you. But if this is supposed to be an indictment of the Bush Administration or Armstrong in particular, I think you are missing the point.


  1. MiAn says:

    The Dept of Education is at the top of my kill list. Having the state involved in local schools might sound nice to a soccer mom when they are asking for basic academic results in exchange for funds, but the libs won’t be out of power forever, especially with conservatives keeping their agenda warm rather than returning to Reaganite views on gov’t, and libs will throw out “results” and force ever more blatant propaganda on tender heads of mush (and I’m not JUST talking about the teachers’ unions) rather than on adults who can (presumably) think for themselves.

    Nevertheless, this ‘story’ is about Armstrong being black. The Dems (to say nothing of the establishment media) don’t have much power right now, and they’re desperate not to lose what they have. Everybody knows non-liberal blacks are just mindless shills with some white man’s hand pulling the strings (review nicknames for Condi, Thomas, Watts, and Elder). It’s open season on moderate and conservative blacks. Say anything outside established dogma, and you’ve got a target plastered on your back.

    The worst thing about this whole affair was seeing Sammie D(onaldson) pontificate about how his audience depended on his objectivity (a particularly relevant fact to an issue concerning a commentator) the other day. Why did I watch the entire thing you ask? I have no idea, but I bet the answer equals “42”.

  2. SayUncle says:

    The other payola

    Via Phelps, who doesn’t care about Armstrong Williams, comes the history of drug war payola:

    Few Americans, however, know of a hidden government effort to shoehorn anti-drug messages into the most pervasive and powerful billboard of all — network …