Baghdad Statue

It is being widely reported that the mayor of Baghdad wants to put a Statue of GWB in Baghdad. I would like to give him a message.

We appreciate the thought, sincerely. But I don’t think most Americans would feel that this is appropriate. In fact, we want you to forget that George W. Bush had so much to do with your freedom, and for you to realize that this was a gift from God, and America was His instrument. We know that you would like to memorialize the sacrifice made for your people, and I would humbly suggest that this bronze would make a much better tribute:



  1. Rob Carlson says:

    The sooner it gets erected, the sooner the insurgents get to topple it.

  2. Phelps says:

    When the insur– terrorists have to kidnap retarded kids to send as suicide bombers, they are pretty much done.