Google Should Buy Tivo

So it turns out that google is indexing the closed captioning in video.


Google will be making the dialog searchable, but instead of putting the video itself up, you will get stills and transcripts, which is good enough for what I think is the target audience — bloggers. We want to blog about what Rather and Stewart say. Google is helping this, and they want blogging to increase. People were complaining a while ago about how blogs were over represented in the google index, and that google should do something about it. I think google did do something about it — they thought about why blogs were “over-represented” over commercial sites (they are mainly text, they are frequently updated, and they link to each other a lot). Then they responded by saying “blogs are great!” and buying Blogger. After all, that is what the World Wide Web was supposed to be — Formatted text with hyperlinks to other formatted text, not Flash billboards for sugar water companies and munged newspaper articles behind javascript login scripts.

Now that they are in the video indexing game (again, I repeat, YAY!) they should keep going and fulfill the 2004 rumors of a TiVo buyout. They should keep the indexing just like it is — transcripts and stills (at least until they have a rock-solid bandwidth stream to deliver the video on) and simply put a “TiVo this Episode” link in every one. Tivo online scheduling already has links; it already has a way to link to a search. All they need to do is link the two together.

TiVo wants to start delivering content over the Internet rather than cable stations. Google is getting into indexing video. The two would make a natural partnership, with TiVo’s existing video indexing and video handling being added to google’s search technology and data delivery systems.

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