Iraqi Turnout

I just saw that the turnout in Iraq was over 57%. That is disgusting, and deplorable. Bush has ruined Iraq. About 40% of the people didn’t vote. Why, just over two years ago,
Saddam won 100% of vote. Couldn’t a country as great as America get a vote that at least came close to that? I blame us not keeping the Iraqi Army together and keeping the torture rooms in operation.

p.s.: I loved this bit:

But Mr Ibrahim said Iraq’s elections should not be compared to elections in Europe or America.

Iraq was in a situation comparable to the early history of Arab states, he said – in Iraq there is one destiny for the whole country.

If the Americans did attack, Iraq had taken precautions to defeat them, Mr Ibrahim said.

We’re going to fight them in every village and every house – even the shepherd will have a role in the battle, he said.

(Via Bunker)


  1. Reverend Darkness says:

    Uh, the 57% was the pre-election estimate. Early numbers indicate that 65% to 70% of registered voters actually voted.

    Compare that to our last election, where 46% of registered voters actually voted. And we don’t have to deal with bombs…

  2. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    That is still less than the 100% that went and voted for Sadaam. When I get older and become a dictator I’m going to rig the election so that I only 98.7% of the vote. Just to keep the election mkonitors off of my back

  3. Phelps says:

    Castro’s already figured that out. He only gets 99% of the vote.