Liberal Racism

Apparently, great minds think alike (or at least two yahoos can come to the same conclusion.) RD writes: Liberals Are Racist, Too

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. Perhaps I should enjoy being stereotyped as a raging brute that is useful to have around to protect White people from terrorists. Better to be feared than respected, I suppose.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    Here is one of my favorite Malcolm X quotes:

    The white Southerner, you can say one thing–he is honest. He bares his teeth to the black man; he tells the black man, to his face, that Southern whites never will accept phony “integration.”…The advantage of this is the Southern black man never has been under any illusion about the opposition he is dealing with….But the Northern white man, he grins with his teeth, and his mouth has always been full of tricks and lies of “equality” and “integration.”…The truth is that “integration” is an image, it’s a foxy Northern liberals smoke-screen that confuses the true wants of the American black man .