Life is Random

Everyone is talking about the new faceless micro iPod. Reportedly the slogan for it is “Life is Random” and it holds about 240 songs and is solid state. Eric rightly asks, “What’s the point in that?” I think I might have a better answer than his.

First, it is crazy for Apple to compete head to head with guys like Rio and Joe’s Pile of EmPeeTree Players. The only advantage they would have with a straight flash music player is the Apple name and the AAC iTMS advantage. There is another way that they could do something that would be totally revolutionary and Insanely Great.

Rumors have gone back and forth about whether or not there is an FM receiver in the little… thing. Here is my killer app — there is a receiver in it, but it doesn’t pick up FM Broadcast stations. It picks up AirTunes streams like the Airport Express does. Imagine this — you have your Mac/PC with iTunes. You also have an Airport Extreme hooked up to your stereo. That means that you can listen to music while you are on computer, hit a button, and then go in the living room and listen to the same music while you read a book. (You can do this today.) Suppose, however, that you wanted to go out on the back porch and listen to your music while you smoked a cigar. What if you could pick up that stream with your iPod? That would be Insanely Great.

Here’s the real killer app, though. Break the AirTunes technology out of the computer and iTunes and make it part of the iPods, both the new micro and the mini and full size iPods. Then it would be a true reminder that “Life is Random”. How cool would it be to walk down the street with your iPod set to “auto-receive” and suddenly pick up the music that someone at the bus stop you just walked past was listening to? How cool would it be for a group of kids to take turns playing songs through each other’s iPods? This is what the media network is about. (And make it backwards compatible by adding a dongle for the iPod I already have.)

If Apple doesn’t do it this time, I hope they are listening for next time.


  1. Eric says:

    How cool would it be to walk down the street with your iPod set to “auto-receive” and suddenly pick up the music that someone at the bus stop you just walked past was listening to?

    Well, personally, I find that possibility repellent, but then I’m rather fond of programming my own music.

    But, otherwise, I think you’ve proposed an excellent idea!

  2. TB says:

    well that might be rad, but it might also be terribly annoying to get innundated with what everyone else happens to be listening to.

    and fm reciever stuff I don’t care much about. I honestly haven’t listened to the radio (except for Jim Rome every now and again) in 5 years. So I just wanna cram as much metal as I can into a small device. so far the ipod thing is accomplishing that. I’m sure there is better stuff out there, but this is easy and perfect.. and didn’t break the bank.

  3. Phelps says:

    Well, on the off chance that it will warm the cockles of your heart (maybe a little lower, the sub-cockle region will be fine) I decided that between this and the story about Enter Sandman being used to torture terrorists at Gitmo, I decided to fill that gaping hole in my music library.

    Would you believe that the only place that song appears on the iTMS is on the “ECW: Extreme Music” Album? They had that and the ECW theme and Sabu’s music and some White Zombie and… well… I bought the whole album. But I jammed to Enter Sandman while I wrote this.

    Wrestlers pick the best music. And Matt and Trey. They pick good tunes too. DVDA rocks. The band, I mean. Can’t opine on the act.