Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works just opened a store in the next office building down, so I decided to check it out on “not official grand opening day but more of a dress rehersal thing” day. I got the Wreck on wheat with lettuce, onions, pickles, oil and seasoning. It was a damned good sandwich, especially for $4. (Better get on the horn to Quiznos, Solo — it was better dollar for dollar than what I get at the Quiznos 200 yards away.)

Joe Bob says check it out.


  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Dude Potbelly rocks….I used to eat there all the time, before I moved to Arizona.

  2. The "D" says:

    I hope they open one here in Lansing Michigan. It even sounds like the kinda place I would fall in love with. Damn thanks Phelps now I haev to go to sleep hungry.

  3. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    They got one at crooks and wattles in Troy…Kind of a long drive for you “D” but they do have some good ass sandwhiches and they sell some kick ass root beer…I can’t reemember the brand but it is damn good

  4. Phelps says:

    The menu says the root beer is IBC. That is a cut above A&W (and the detestable Barqs.) IBC makes a damned good creme soda, too.

    They emailed me a certificate for a free sammich, and I’m going to use it today. (It was the “thanks for signing up for the newsletter” one and it is only good yesterday and today.)

  5. Mexigogue says:

    I once got a coupon for two free meals at Olympic Broil restaurant from some manager who worked there who liked my editorial in The State Journal. Another time this chick I used to work with at Westside Deli wrote to me after she read my article and I ended up scoring some poontang out of it.

    Technically writing for them was not a paid position but two meals and poonanny was good enough for me! Actually it was icing on the cake, I just like seeing my picture in the paper!

  6. MiAn says:

    Hey Mexi, how do we know if you’d have had the same opinion if you weren’t about to be given coupons and uhh, well, poontang? And what about disclosure? I mean it’s a little late now.