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D.C. Seeks Sales Ban On Violent Games (

Referring to Grand Theft Auto, he said the game “awards points for killing police officers and assaulting women, and it is done in a way that glorifies violence.”

There are no points in Grand Theft Auto III, GTA3: Vice City, or GTA3: San Andreas. (Earlier versions of the game sold very poorly and I am not familiar with them.)

Which means this idiot has no idea how the game works, and has never even seriously talked to anyone who knows how the game works.

Williams (D), at his weekly media briefing, said he would support a ban. “I’ve actually seen the game,” he said. “It’s a horrible game for kids to be using.”

Well, he’s actually seen it, which seems to differentiate him from Fently above. And I agree with him.

It is easy to overreact to this one, but what they are talking about is banning the sale of the game to minors. I really don’t have a problem with that except that it isn’t necessary. Gamestop won’t sell M games to minors. AFAIK, Toys ‘R’ Us won’t either. I’m not aware of any major retailer that will anymore. In other words, they are trying to ban something that no one does.

In a written statement, Douglas Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, said the group strongly encouraged retailers to adopt policies requiring ID checks before selling games that are rated “M” for mature.

“In this regard, we share Councilman Fenty’s objective,” the statement said. “But we oppose any government enacted restrictions on content as unconstitutional restraints on creative and artistic expression. Further, Federal Court rulings already struck down limitations like what Councilman Fenty introduced and the same fate awaits his proposal.”

Most retailers (again, I would be interested to know which ones haven’t) have already adopted this policy. This pretty much convinces me that DC councilmen really don’t have enough to do. In a just world, they would spend all day running from angry mobs.

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  1. MiAn says:

    Justice notwithstanding, at least he’s spending his time tying up the federal courts (who could be using that time in other, less friendly ways) and not mucking around inside the markets.

    A wise man once said that goverment was invented to shuttle the unproductive to the place where they could do the least harm. In retrospect, goverment turned out to frankenstienian, but it seems to be working here.

  2. Rob Carlson says:

    They can pry my GTA3 DVD from my cold dead hands. I spend most of my time ganking cop cars from the parking lot and playing vigilante mode anyhow.