The Rall Egosurf

QandO Blog has a righteous fisking of Ted Rall’s latest “column”. He does an admirable job (RTWT) but misses one important subtext:

…the fact is that the political blogs are dominated by the hard right.

It’s true, you know. Why, sometimes I have to wait for a clear night, so I can pick up the faint signal of the far-off…
– DailyKos [Ecosystem Traffic Rank: #1]
– Atrios [Ecosystem Traffic Rank: #6]
– Washington Monthly [Ecosystem Traffic Rank: #10]
– The Smirking Chimp [Ecosystem Traffic Rank: #11].

I hear tell of hundreds–nay thousands–of other leftwing blogs, but I fear they shall remain nameless…

…unless I happen to glance at the blogrolls of the aforementioned liberal blogs, which, apparently, Ted Rall doesn’t have time to do, what with all the time he spends looking for references to himself on obscure rightwing blogs.

I think Jon missed the context here. Rall assumes that blogs are dominated by the right wing, because his idea of finding blogs is to google “Ted Rall” and see what comes up. What invariably comes up is right-of-the-aisle blogs, because the left of the aisle is embarrassed by Rall. Rall is everything that the hard left stereotype embodies, and anyone who isn’t extreme left does not want to be associated with him. It is better to let him sit in SanFran where he can amuse the True Believers without scaring off those who haven’t been fully indoctrinated.

Ted Rall thinks that the blogosphere is right wing because the left wing keeps ignoring him.

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