Microfisking Sgrena

We were in an area monitored by American troops, close to the airport. Obviously Iraqi guerrillas couldn’t get there, and even if there had been any of them in our car, the soldiers’ behaviour would still be unacceptable.

  1. You are correct — the guerillas obviously couldn’t get there, because the checkpoints are up and we shoot the cars that try to get through without stopping and showing identification.
  2. Since when has killing enemy soldiers/terrorists that refuse to stop or surrender become “unacceptable” behavior? Let me explain this to you: we spend a lot of money — over two hundred billion dollars a year (that’s dollars, not lira) — to equip and train our soldiers to kill the enemy. That is what they do, and we are very proud of how well and precisely they do that. This isn’t a bug — it’s a feature.


  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    She is on to something. I think media types should determine the rules of engagement. We will gather a lerned group of media types chaired by Dan Rather. His council will include Bill O’Riley, Geraldo, Al Franken, The Iraqi Information Minister,That goofy Itailian lady, Howard Stern and The Man Show Boy. This council will come up with the new rules. These new rules will initially be phased in over the next 6 months in Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo after all of the bugs have been worked out we will phase them in in Iraq…. There everybody is happy now!

  2. R says:

    Dude, that Italian chick needs to shut her trap and be glad she’s alive.

  3. The Italian slut definitely has boundary problems. She goes to a war zone, she comes approaching a checkpoint in a manner indistiguishable from a terrorist, and now she whines and complains that she was not greeted with open arms and lemonade.

    If she had been killed, it would have been in self defense by soldiers doing their job…and we would not be listening to all her blather now.