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Russ Martin Quote of the Day

Everything about this show has a nice big fat lie wedged in it somewhere.


There is something remarkably comforting about being in a place where people say “Howdy”, and it isn’t a punchline.

Subsidizing Terror

Now the news is out that Spain is paying ransoms to Muslim kidnappers now on the heels of Italy.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Ransoming hostages is a long, long Muslim expansion tradition. The first official war of the United States was brought on by this very act. We started paying ransom to Muslim pirates for captured hostages back in 1785. Jefferson warned against it, arguing that rewarding piracy simply makes piracy profitable and encourages more. He was overruled, and the result was… more hostages. We paid a huge portion of our budget to these murderers until Jefferson took office as president in 1800. Jefferson told them to go pound sand, and they declared war on us (as if this was a change.) Our Marines landed on the “shores of Tripoli” and kicked the everloving shit out of them, setting a fine Marine tradition of kicking the shit out of foreigners that has lasted over 200 years.

Why did the Barbary pirates do this? Because this is what Islam has always done. They had been doing it since the sixteenth century. This isn’t an anomaly of terrorists who happen to be Muslim — this is something ordained in the Koran. If we want to end terrorism, you don’t do it by giving terrorists money. All that does is encourage them to continue being terrorists. It is a Hobbesian choice, but I hope that more Europeans get held hostage. Until it becomes an epidemic, it will take them another 300 years to learn what we learned in 15.

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The Hardest I’ve Laughed in a Long Time

Take me out with a donkey punch, Tom!

And I bet there are only three people reading this that would get that.

The 700 Club

I was reading this post on lgf quoting DU and I got this part:

Extremists such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have a louder voice in the Government than the common man.

If these two knuckleheads are so influential, why is it that I only hear about them from liberals? I haven’t heard a conservative talk about those two in the last six years. The last time I heard a conservative mention them was when Falwell (or maybe Robertson) blamed us for 9/11, and the only comment was, “what an asshole.”

Face it, guys. They have no voice in the Republican party. Leave them alone.

Selweski Is a Nut

Chad Selweski wrote a column entitled
Gun nuts show their nuttiness
, apparently to prove that he has absolutely no self-assessment skills or grip on reality. (Maybe his grip is “reality-based”.)

Surely, the gun lovers out there have lost sight of the target when they start defending a person’s right to carry rockets and grenades into a school and when they oppose attempts to keep high-powered weapons out of terrorists’ hands.

I don’t care if someone carries a rocket into a school. In fact, I would encourage people to carry rockets into schools. People like Rocket Jones, for example.

Oh, I see, you meant weapons. Well, I encourage having more weapons in schools, in the right hands. You see, there was this place called Beslan, and they had a bunch of kids killed — and a bunch more saved by guys with guns and grenades. A grenade is a tool. It should be handled safely, but is not inherently evil. It does not emit rays of evil that warp men’s minds. I have no doubt that your mind was warped, but it wasn’t a weapon that did it.

In Washington it was revealed that 58 potential gun buyers were identified last year as suspects on terrorist watch lists. But 47 of these alleged terrorists were cleared to go ahead and buy their assault weapons, high-powered rifles or whatever guns of choice.

For most Americans, this report brought a sense of outrage, a stunning example of bureaucratic incompetence. But for that slice of America known as the National Rifle Association, the report showed that things are working just fine.

The NRA, you see, has blocked attempts to use the federal watch lists to ban gun sales to terrorists. Osama’s troops have Second Amendment rights, too.

No. Wrong, wrong and wrong. First of all, they were identified as suspects. That is what it is supposed to do. Once they were identified, they were investigated. You know what happened to those 47? They found out they weren’t terrorists. “Oooh, ooh, this guy, this guy, my friend said that he thought he heard his name on CNN as being a terrorist, and uhm, and uhm, guess what? Guess what? He bought a gun.” You know why? Because he was only suspected to be a terrorist, not that he was a terrorist.

So most Americans were outraged. First, I dispute this on the face of it; I don’t recall any outrage. Even if they were, so what? Look at the flip side of it — we caught nine people who were on the watch list that turned out to be criminals. Sounds like it works.

And for the record, the NRA has not “blocked attempts to use the federal watch lists to ban gun sales to terrorists”. The NRA has blocked attempts to keep indefinite records of background checks (a de facto gun buyer registry.) The NRA has supported enforcing current gun laws, and it is already illegal for a terrorist to buy guns, because terrorism is a crime.

The Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill that would let people carry weapons — guns, grenades, sawed-off shotguns, rockets, even land mines — into schools, polling places and nuclear plants.

Are you sure?

According to the Arizona Daily Star newspaper, essentially any weapon not banned by federal law could be carried anywhere, as long as the person claimed he was trying to protect himself.

For the record, these things are already heavily regulated and effectively banned:

  • grenades
  • sawed-off shotguns
  • rocket weapons
  • land mines

And as Ravenwood points out, land mines are even banned by international treaty. So in other words, the AZ House passed a bill that would allow people who have already been tested and certified by the state to carry weapons to carry them into schools, polling places and nuclear plants. Wow.

Murder is, for the record, still illegal.

After all, the NRA killed the federal law that banned the sale of military-style rapid-fire assault weapons.

Holy shit! Stop the presses! Breaking news! The Macomb Daily is reporting that the national Firearms Act of 1934 has been repealed! Unless, of course, he is talking about the Ban on Scary Looking Weapons that sunsetted. That wasn’t a ban on rapid-fire weapons, and it wasn’t repealed.

It’s because of the NRA-style worship of the Second Amendment that we have a nation where it’s legal to buy armor-piercing bullets, cop-killer guns, and pistols advertised with a “fingerprint-proof finish.”

All bullets of sufficient size are armor piercing. Bullets that are specially designed to be particularly effective against armor are already regulated. All guns are “cop-killer guns” if used right. In fact, a large percentage of “cop-killer guns” are the ones carried by the police. And what difference does the cosmetic finish on a gun make? No gun is protected against forensic fingerprint lifting. That is like saying that a car that is advertised as dent resistant is marketed towards hit-and-run drivers.

We all know that these products are marketed to the criminal element. But the zealots who pray at the right-to-bear-arms altar say no federal restrictions should be allowed for any weapons.

I think I have sufficiently shown that you have no idea what “we all know”. But then, zealots who pray at the gun control altar say no provisions should be allowed for any weapons — except for the police. And the criminals who don’t follow the law to start with.

What I worry about is this country’s unending supply of psychotics. The crazies we see in the news every day are infinitely scarier if they’re joining a terrorist cell or arming themselves with weapons that can kill several people with each squeeze of the trigger.

Psst. National Firearms Act of 1934. Read it. And what is with the “crazies joining terror cells”? Are you OK with sane people joining terror cells?

Those on the terror watch lists are barred from flying on an airplane or boarding a cruise ship but they can buy military-style weapons like an AK-47.

Sure. On the black market. (National Firearms Act of 1934.)

A suspected terrorist that is caught can be incarcerated and tortured for years at Guantanamo — or worse, in some Middle Eastern hell hole. But only under very limited circumstances can we prevent the al-Qaida suspects who are on the loose from buying guns. Worse yet, we can’t let the FBI use the gun-buying database to track these people down. That would violate the privacy rights promised to gun owners.

Okey-dokey, this one might take a while. A suspected terrorist can only be incarcerated at Gitmo if he isn’t caught in the US (see the recent court rulings) and even at that, he can’t be tortured. (Idiot.) We can prevent Al Queda suspects from buying guns, if they are not US citizens. If they are US citizens, then until we have something to charge them with, they are just suspects. (That whole English Common Law “innocent until proven guilty” nuisance.) Worse yet, the FBI is supposed to follow up on all the people who fail a background check attempting to buy a firearm, because it is against the law for a prohibited person to even try to buy a gun.

Put another way, the gun nuts have become the advocates for the nuts, whether those inspired by Allah or those inspired by the devil.

And apparently, the gun control nuts are either really, really stupid, or just plain liars.

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The Left’s Hard-On for “Nazis”

R at Weapon Of Choice has a post about “The Right’s Hard-On for ‘Anti-American'”. Something popped out at me in the middle of it:

Have you ever noticed how quickly a right-wing nutcase will label someone who presents a slightly less than favorable view of the United States as anti-American, or someone who hates America? Don’t you find it uncanny how a right-wing douchebag can know you for about three whole seconds before declaring that you hate your country? These guys are some judge of character, huh?

Ah, the repugnant stench of blind partisanship! Nobody does it better than the right; and nobody does it with quite the panache as Ann Coulter. I bring her name up only because she seems to be the flagship of the right’s new-found movement of a perverted nationalistic extremism, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since, oh, the 1940s. Ooh, bad R! Bad R! But I digress…

“…a perverted nationalistic extremism, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since, oh, the 1940s.” That’s what bothered me, and it took a couple of reads for it to dawn on me — it’s another Nazi reference.

Are there people on the right who are quick to label anyone they disagree with as anti-American? Sure. But as much as that happens, I see people on the left (even R) who are just as quick to jump in with “Nazi” or “fascist”. I will make one assertation, though: as quick as many are on the right to label someone anti-American, they are accurate much more often than the left is when they label someone Nazi.

Here’s the problem with both sides. There are real anti-Americans in this debate. There are still real Nazis out there. Both sides have their own little memes. I’ve leveled the Nazi claim, and I have leveled the anti-American claim, but I haven’t leveled either lightly or off the cuff.

Anti-American and Nazi are not bogeymen — they are real dangers, and we need to treat them as such.