Setting the Agenda

Scott Chaffin has been remarkably serious lately, and I just wanted to bring him back home.

This banana pudding flavor ice cream is good enough to curl your toes. Seriously. I’m going to be going through about a half gallon a week by myself until they yank of off the shelves. Just damn.

And I would be more worried about the fuzz stealing siezing the money than a gun charge. Cuz you know everyone that has “too much” cash on them is a drug dealer.

One Comment

  1. Well, vehicle carry is kind of retro-fun, at least to me. We always had a gun under the seat, all kinds of revolvers. From hammerless black snub-nose .38s to gold-plated, pearl-handled 8″ barrel .357s. Part of that undergrond economy that doesn’t exist anymore.

    I do hate bananas, though. Too many from too many bike weekends.