Unenforcable Regulations

Utah has passed a completely unenforcable regulation.

Blogs hosted in Utah are to face strict legal regulation due to new laws signed by the Utah State Governor that are designed to protect children from Internet pornography.

The most immediate effect of the law is a requirement that will make it compulsory for bloggers who host their blogs in Utah to provide content rating for their sites.

Two things will happen from this:

  1. Utah will lose virtually all of its hosting service business, as local companies and consumers flee to neighboring states for hosting, and ISPs dive out of the state (leaving a precious few who will charge much, much higher rates), and;
  2. None of this will matter for the average user in Utah, because the Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and simply routes around it. Anyone in Utah who wants to see anything that is blocked will simply use anonymizer, or any of the plethora of internet proxies and relays out there.


(Via AV)


  1. mexigogue says:

    And look, Al Sharpton is piling on against free speech as well.

    “What has been absent is some kind of government move to stop these actions happening on federally regulated radio stations.”

  2. Citizen Quasar says:

    Can they get Yahoo in China yet?