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The Beatles Rider

The Smoking Gun is featuring a rider from Meet The Beatles on April 18, 2005. They point out how modest the demands were, but I noticed one thing on the Beatles’s standard rider that probably was risky and “demanding”, but one that I applaud the Beatles for demanding:

5. Artists will not be required to perform before a segregated audience.

Never forget.


DFW’s afternoon legend“?

Legend? Buddy. Really. Even the Bag of Piss never claimed that one. “Impervious to all that surrounds him?” Sure. The Russiah? I’m with you. But “afternoon legend?” After you bagged on Stevens and Pruett?

I’m worried about you, buddy.

Lord Stanley’s Cup

I’m all for this:

Some amateur Canadian hockey players are taking their fight for the Stanley Cup to court. The award is given annually to the National Hockey League’s best team, but that isn’t happening this year due to cancellation of the season because of a labor dispute. The plaintiffs say the coveted cup was donated by Britain’s Lord Stanley, a former governor general of Canada, in 1892 so that the top ranking amateur team in the country could be awarded. The group says Lord Stanley’s wishes should not be ignored because of the NHL dispute. They are asking the Ontario Superior Court to rule the Stanley Cup a charitable trust and not the property of the NHL.

(Via Colorado Conservative)

The Wheel

In more Russblogging, I decided that since the Wheel of Punishment hasn’t been renovated in a while, perhaps I could come up with 10 Things that Aren’t on the Wheel of Punishment But Should Be.

  • 10. Fetner Fisted
  • 9. Gary Sponge Bath
  • 8. Rocket Unicycle
  • 7. Be J.D.’s Assistant
  • 6. Serve Legal Papers on Eddie Boyd
  • 5. Follow Russ’ Lawnmower
  • 4. Dreamsicle Sodomy
  • 3. Armwrestle Rob
  • 2. Call L.A. on Phone
  • 1. Suck Amy’s Talons

Update on EWO

Zombie has a photo-essay on the Eyes Wide Open Anti-War Display that I wrote about at the end of February. It was in San Francisco this time. Check it out.

A World of Suck

MOSUL, Iraq — The two dozen Iraqi soldiers marched in formation into downtown Mosul, streets emptying in their path. The men trained their rifles on potential bomb threats: a donkey-drawn vegetable cart, a blue Opel sedan, a man with a bulge beneath his tattered gray coat.

When one of the threats you have to worry about is whether or not you are going to have your nuts blown off by a donkey bomb, you are in a world of suck.

God bless these guys and the work they are doing. It is guys like them that will bring Iraq out of a world of suck.

(Via q and o)

The Only Thing You Will Read About the Schiavos Here

From the Report of Dr. Jay Wolfson, guardian ad litem to Theresa Schiavo, December 1, 2003 (footnote #1):

Of the Schindlers, there has evolved the unfortunate and inaccurate perception that they will “keep Theresa alive at any and all costs” even if that were to result in her limbs being amputated and additional, complex surgical and medical interventions being performed, and even if Theresa had expressly indicated her intention not to be so maintained. During the course of the GAL’s investigation, the Schindlers allow that this is not accurate, and that they never intended to imply a gruesome maintenance of Theresa at all costs.

Of Michael Schiavo, there is the incorrect perception that he has refused to relinquish his guardianship because of financial interests, and more recently, because of allegations that he actually abused Theresa and seeks to hide this. There is no evidence in the record to substantiate any of these perceptions or allegations.

Until and unless there is objective, fresh, mutually agreed upon closure regarding measurable and well accepted scientific bases for deducing Theresa’s clinical state, Theresa will not be done justice. There must be at least a degree of trust with respect to a process that the factions competing for Theresa’s best interest can agree. To benefit Theresa, and in the overall interests of justice, good science, and public policy, there needs to be a fresh, clean-hands start.

The Schindlers and the Schiavos are normal, decent people who have found themselves within the construct of an exceptional circumstance which none of them, indeed, few reasonable and normal people could have imagined. As a consequence of this circumstance, extensive urban mythology has created toxic clouds, causing the parties and others to behave in ways that may not, in the order of things, serve the best interests of the ward.