The Wheel

In more Russblogging, I decided that since the Wheel of Punishment hasn’t been renovated in a while, perhaps I could come up with 10 Things that Aren’t on the Wheel of Punishment But Should Be.

  • 10. Fetner Fisted
  • 9. Gary Sponge Bath
  • 8. Rocket Unicycle
  • 7. Be J.D.’s Assistant
  • 6. Serve Legal Papers on Eddie Boyd
  • 5. Follow Russ’ Lawnmower
  • 4. Dreamsicle Sodomy
  • 3. Armwrestle Rob
  • 2. Call L.A. on Phone
  • 1. Suck Amy’s Talons


  1. Mexigogue says:

    What I really like about The Wheel of Punishment is that it’s cruel and at the same time capricious! How more Godlike can one person get?

  2. TB says:

    Afghan wigs all the way.

  3. Phelps says:

    Dude. Not only are you on the wrong post, you’re on the wrong blog. How baked is you?