My First Ad!

If you guys hadn’t noticed, I’m now a J-List affiliate. (Ad on the right.) J-List is an importer. They import… uh… crap from Japan. I can’t think of any other way to describe it, but I buy a bunch of crap from them. Peter Payne, the guy who runs it, also has a mailing list (you can subscribe from from the main page) that is pretty cool. Adventures of a Gaijin in Nippon.

So what does that mean? If you click through my link and buy crap, I get a small store credit. That makes me a whore now! Yay! What might you buy? Well, I buy a lot of Black Black Gum. Jesus Christ this stuff is great. I’m hooked on it like it’s heroin. I think there may be heroin in it. They say it is just caffeine and no nicotine, but I’m not sure. I’m gobbling like 30 packs (two cases — I know) every couple of months.

I also buy lots of T-shirts from them. The T-shirts actually ship from San Diego, so they get here quicker and shipping doesn’t cost as much. I have the Bush-Do shirt (a domo-kun parody with George Bush) but they aren’t carrying that one anymore. I’m thinking of getting this Black Black parody one or this camo one.

I’ve bought other stuff, too. I’ve bought a couple of hachimakis from them. (Click through, and you’ll know what they are.) It’s kind of like a hat, and I love hats. I want to get one of these banks. I bought the guy I work with a Coca-Cola bento box like this one for his birthday. Just poke around. There’s lots of good stuff. Even stuff for all you Hentai fans out there (and there has to be at least one. I’m looking at you, HMT.) Phelps says check it out. And buy stuff to keep me in Black Black.

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  1. Rocket Jones says:

    All collectedly gathered together for your surfing pleasure

    Got a *lot* done yesterday and finished up the evening by watching one of Misty Mundae’s more recent efforts, Bite Me! Giant mutant spiders in a strip club. You know I’m loving it. Boss: What’s gotten into you? Crystal: Spider…