Boy, Black Eddie on the Russ Martin Show has been hated on a couple of times by black women the last few days. First, there was a woman who was mad because Eddie says N all the time. I (and a few million of my closest friends) think it is hillarious, but she has a problem with it. She thinks that because Eddie makes fun of the word on the radio, that he is making black people look bad. I don’t agree. I think that you can use the word in jest, and take the sting out of it.

The word really can lose its power. When I was working at a black record label and hanging out with gangsta rappers, I still didn’t use it. I almost used it once, though. A bunch of us were hanging out talking about mamas, and it almost slipped out. At that point, my life was so saturated with the word, that it truley meant “person” to me. Eddie is reminding me that it doesn’t even mean that. It is an empty word. That is how it should be. (I only said half of it because I like my b-hole being poo sized, not Nike sided. I probably could have gotten away with one, being the beloved White Mike. If I made it a habit, I would have an ass whuppin coming.)

Today, though, it went too far. Just because Eddie pointed out that some of the people working in Michael Jackson’s house might have seen something but not said something just because MJ is a powerful person, she called him — well, she said “he would be one of those slaves who would run in and tattle on people, ‘massa, they doin this.'” That’s right, she called Eddie a House Nigger. Isn’t that a bitch? If you speak freely around white people, you are a minstrel clown according to the first woman. If you talk about how things really are between the powerful and the weak, you’re a house nigger according to the second.

And I’m telling you now, if you believe either one, you are a hater. I just don’t know why it is black women doing all the hating.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    Funny how when people ask Eddie why that word doesn’t set him off and how he can joke around with it on the show and he says “That word don’t control me.” And here you have a black woman trying to control Eddie by calling him a housen–. Beautiful how people become guilty of the very thing they claim to fight against.

  2. Jenn says:

    Great post!

    I’ve never heard Eddie before, but I want to now. “That word don’t control me.” It’d be glorious if we were all that way.

    Mexi, well said.

  3. Phelps says:

    Email me with a real email address and I’ll send you some.