Protest Babes

Persian Protest Babes via Smash. And I still think that Persian chicks are HAAAAAAAWT.


  1. Justin says:

    sorry for being so far off topic, but i only now found cam’s reply on the “more eyes…” post. i think it deserved a response.


    i’m glad you responded. i’m an infrequent visitor and i almost missed your thoughtfull response. i hope i can help you understand my point of view on this, as i think we can both agree that its important that the everyone gets a clear view of the meaning and intent of the exhibit.

    first i should correct some misunderstandings. i did not make any claim regarding “collusion” between the afsc and nion, it’s parent organization, the revolutionary communist party, or any other groups such as international answer beyond pointing out the fact that the afsc actively endorses, and is often co-sponsor of, these groups’ activities.

    for examples you may look here…

    and here:

    and, really, at any similar event.

    i also did not make the claim that these groups are “violent”. i pointed out that they are militant and anti-american, which they are. while international answer is probably only guilty of intemperate rhetoric, it is the activist project of the workers world party, the faction of the socialist workers party that remained loyal to stalin in the wake of his invasion and aquisition of hungary, a breaking point that came too late for anyone involved in western social justice movements to salvage any personal claim to “pacifism”. the revolutionary communist party, a moaist organization, called for the assasination of president reagan amongst other things. while these activities and doctrines fall short of drawing blood, they are further still from anything that could be honestly described as “pacifist”.

    far from “dismissing” them, the afsc marches with them. with regard to how “official” the afsc’s linkage with these groups may be, it can certainly be agreed that co-sponsoring and endorsing their activities is more official than innocently happening upon and joining up with them unaware of who’s running things. if the afsc does not “condone” such “programs” then they are either being coldly dishosest about the matter, or are operating on a flawed understanding of the word “condone”.

    there is also a credibility gap that becomes clear when taking a broad view of the afsc’s antiwar activities. in addition to “eyes wide open”, the afsc is a lead promoter of the “counter-recruiting” campagn that has yeilded disturbing results throughout the nation, including the “vandalization” of a collorado recruiting center with gunfire. in other words, while the afsc is portraying recruiting officers as predators in a bid to starve our all-volunteer military of volunteers, they’re simultaneously standing in the plaza or park, amidst their boots and banners and multimedia displays, exploiting the names of men and women who’s volunteerism they condemn.

    while, in chicago, these activities are planned and organized from the afsc’s grace place headquarters, and recently from behind the “chicagoland coalition opposed to militarization of youth” (whos contact person’s e-mail ends with the afsc’s domain name), they are carried out in the streets consistantly by the same ten or twelve cranks from the rcp, the wwp and a handfull of other equally militant co-polarists.

    regarding the alleged racial remarks, i remain doubtful. as demonstrated above and in the previous discussions here, neither i nor anyone else has any reason to take the afsc or any of it’s representatives at their word. your quotation, “a-rab”, reads like a contrivance to me. perhaps mr. phelps or mrs. cariotis can offer their input. aside from that, i fail to see how pointing out that the outstanding ballance of iraqi deaths are attributable to the acts of terrorists is “racist”. is this not the finding of the iraqi interior ministry?

    and isn’t that interior ministry representative of the government the iraqi people voted for in mortal defiance of the terrorists? you say, “Do we vilify average Iraqis (some of whom are, after all, killing our boys) or lionize them as democratic trailblazers? Apparently, many Americans are still struggling to negotiate the distinction.” supporters of the war sometimes seem to be uniquely capable of drawing a distinction between the iraqi people and the people who terrorize them. but, per your statement above, you seem either unable to percieve or willing to obfuscate the reality that the two are not one people recieving american punnishment.

    you may insist that “eyes wide open” is an apolitical “memorial”. i suppose each can come to their own conclusions as to whether that portrayal is accurate. but while i understand a political organization’s need to craft policies, a decent, honest and genuinely respectful policy would have military families whom you are actively associated with opt into your efforts, rather than force the families of the fallen to come to you to ask you to relinquish control of their sons’, daughters’, mothers’ and fathers’ memory.

    i thank you for hearing my arguments fairly.


  2. HMT says:

    Dude, there are some hotties in that group for sure!

  3. Mexigogue says:

    I really like the one with a paper in each hand and she’s yelling at the camera. She’s probably screaming for an abortion but I don’t care, she’s hot!

  4. Rocket Jones says:

    MILF: Mothers I’d Love to Free

    In Iran, a demonstration by women for equal rights. These weren’t just university students either. Read about it here and follow the links for pictures. Thanks to The Everlasting Phelps for the pointer….

  5. I don’t have a Persian on the Yahtzee card yet the chick with the 2 fingers up is smoooooookin hot