Well, SaysUncle was bitching that no one fisks anymore. He sowed the wind, you guys can enjoy the storm. Some New York Daily News Asshats penned this gem.

The gun-huggers at the National Rifle Association will not be holding their 2007 convention, as had been planned, in Columbus, Ohio. Lucky Columbus. Of course, the NRA would never even consider N.Y.C. This city does not believe in blowing the heads off small animals. Or people. Which is why it wants to get tougher on illegal weapons. Guess what group is opposed?

“It’s for the heads of small animals!” Nah, doesn’t work as well as “for the children” unless you are a PETA nut. It’s nice how they managed to slam the NRA, guns, children and Columbus all in one paragraph. Oh, and for the record, the NRA supports getting tougher on illegal weapons too. They just oppose getting tougher on legal weapons, which is what you spend the rest of the editorial talking about.

City officials are trying to cut off the plague of weapons at its source by suing gun makers and distributors that carelessly deliver their wares to unscrupulous dealers who, in turn, sell to criminals. It’s a strategy any levelheaded politician would love – but the NRA and its pals in Congress are doing their darnedest to keep the supply lines open.

“City officials in Dallas are trying to cut off the plague of New Yorkers at its source by suing the City of New York and Airlines that carelessly deliver criminals to unscrupulous travel agents who, in turn, sell tickets to terrorists.” Yeah, it sounds stupid that way too. And there is no such thing as a levelheaded politician. Levelheaded people don’t run for office.

Bills headed for votes in the House and the Senate would grant gunmakers immunity from lawsuits like New York’s. In other words, the manufacturers could turn a blind eye to the 1% of dealers who are responsible for 60% of the illegal guns on the streets.

Explain to me how this is a problem for the manufacturers and not a law enforcement issue. I mean, let’s look at this: the BATF has access to all the records that any manufacturer has (since this is a horribly regulated industry). In fact, they have more access, because the BATF has access to all the manufacturers records, rather than a single maker, and can parse that aggregate data to look for patterns. In addition, the BATF has access to the serial numbers of weapons used in crimes. The manufacturer doesn’t. The BATF has access to the sales forms filled out when those weapons are sold. The manufacturer doesn’t. The BATF has access to Federal databases that may help identify the backgrounds of “unscrupulous dealers”. The manufacturers don’t.

In fact the only group that has access to the data needed to identify unscrupulous dealers is law enforcement and this is somehow the manufacturers’ problem because they are selling a legal product to a dealer that the government has specifically and personally vetted and determined to be qualified to accept delivery of weapons for resale?

WTF?!?! Win your lawsuit. I dare you. Give the manufacturers access to all the data. You don’t like it now? How about when the manufacturers figure out that NYPD is incompetent to enforce its own gun laws, and decide not to sell guns to anyone in NY — including law enforcement, since there are a significant number of illegal sales there?

The city isn’t trying to bankrupt the industry; it’s not even seeking monetary damages. It merely wants manufacturers to adopt basic safeguards to prevent weapons from falling into criminal hands.

They have basic safeguards. They do what the BATF tells them, since that is the BATF’s job.

Although the manufacturers tried to get the case dismissed, it’s heading for a trial – perhaps as soon as this fall – in Brooklyn Federal Court. Rather than defend their behavior before a New York City jury, they turned to Second Amendment zealots in Congress, knowing they’d be willing to throw common sense out the window.

If this is representative of the average NYC reasoning ability, I wouldn’t trust an issue of National Security to a NYC jury either.

Last year, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the New York delegation led the fight to block the outrageous law, weighting it down with unfriendly amendments until even the sponsor refused to support it. Now, emboldened by Republican victories in last year’s elections, supporters of this bill have made it even worse – adding a clause that would block not just lawsuits, but also “administrative proceedings” by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other regulators.

“Emboldened by victories created in part by pledges to stop these dangerous and frivolous lawsuits, Republicans are acting on their pledges to stop these dangerous and frivolous lawsuits.” Hey, stupid, this is the will of the People. That is why we re-elected them. We heard your argument. The majority of us decided it sucked. Deal with it.

Mayor Bloomberg is calling on New Yorkers to contact their representatives in Washington and urge a no vote on this dangerous legislation. We’ve dodged the bullet before; we can do it again.

The NYC reps are already voting against it. Thankfully, they won’t matter.

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  1. SayUncle says:

    heh. one more: ‘ This city does not believe in blowing the heads off small animals.’

    Didn’t that city vote like 80+% for Kerry, who got as many pics of himself taken as he could while blowing heads of small animals.