Swing and Miss

I missed one item on my profile. I predicted that “the leaders will have traveled to Syria, Iran, or North Africa several times in the last couple of years.”. Turns out that I had a blind spot for Pakistan. I had erroniously assumed that they really were on our side.

Aswat, 30, who is believed to come from the same West Yorkshire town as one of the bombers, arrived in Britain a fortnight before the attacks to orchestrate final planning for the atrocity. He spoke to the suicide team on his mobile phone a few hours before the four men blew themselves up and killed fifty-two other people.

Intelligence sources told The Times that during his stay Aswat visited the home towns of all four bombers as well as selecting targets in London.

Aswat has been known to Western intelligence services for more than three years after the FBI accused him of trying to set up al-Qaeda training camps in the US. When he was arrested in a madrassa (religious school), Aswat is understood to have been posing as a businessmen and using a false name. He was picked up in a raid at a madrassa at Sargodha, 90 miles from Islamabad, by Pakistani intelligence officials and flown to a jail in the capital.


  1. Vivian Louise says:

    The minute Musharaff gets himself killed, Pakistan will be the new Afganistan, Taliban and all. That country is messed up!