Tuan Phuoc Le

Tuan Phuoc Le did what most of us want to do — he took a murdering Vietnamese communist and punched him right in his mug.

And now we are talking about deporting him.

A Vietnamese immigrant who lives in Gwinnett County is facing possible deportation after being arrested for punching a Vietnamese official during protests of a historic visit last month.

Here’s the good part:

According to the criminal complaint, Huy, who was being protected by the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, was speaking with another member of the Vietnamese delegation when Le hit him on the side of the face and knocked him down.

The complaint says Le admitted hitting Huy and said the official was a Communist who killed his father, who was a U.S. Marine in Vietnam.

Like Kim, I’ll wait for the cheering to die down. Here’s the shitty part:

Le was held on $30,000 bond for alleged immigration violations that preceded his most recent troubles. Immigration officials declined to detail the violations and Le’s immigration attorney in Virginia, Parastoo G. Zahedi, said she did not know what they were.

And now they are talking deportation. You know what? The government is completely out of touch. We shouldn’t be making a big deal about this. The Vietnamese delegates need to come here knowing that as long as they are communist shitheels, our people are going to be smacking them in the face. This guy shouldn’t be deported. He should be given a medal.

And if we do deport him, is that proportional to his crime? Since when do we give people a death sentence for hitting someone who deserved it? That’s what deportation to Communist Vietnam means for this guy.

And Tran said he fears what will happen to Le if he is deported to Vietnam.

Human Rights Watch has criticized Vietnam for its human rights record and says thousands of democracy activists, members of religious groups and government critics have been jailed or harassed.

And that is because Human Rights Watch doesn’t speculate about Commies killing people. (The speculate about us doing it all the time, but that is what you expect from a leftie.) If Vietnam is a communist regime that doesn’t execute political dissidents (which would make it an exception in the 100 year history of communism) then it would certainly be a life sentence for him.

Yeah, give a guy life in a Vietnamese shithole political prison for throwing one well-deserved punch. A guy who, by all rights, should have been American in the first place. Way to go, guys.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    I’m normally against initiating violence (unless there is a clear and present danger) but in this case it’s appropriate because communism is predicated on the threat of force (bow to government control or else). People who only understand violence need to be beaten until they understand it even better or more perfectly you might say.