Bush Country

So some guy shot his shotgun in the air outside Crawford. He didn’t point it at anyone; it isn’t even clear from the story if anyone saw him shoot it, just that they heard it. Everyone assumes that he did it to “intimidate” the protestors, and he doesn’t confirm or deny it. This is what pissed me off, though:

“I think we knew of the risks when we came down here,” she said. “I’m surprised we haven’t had more of that since we’re in Bush country.”

You know what, Cindy? I’ve changed my opinion. FUCK YOU. We’re the thugs? Yeah, sure. I mean, there are so many right wing thugs out there terrorizing and rioting. Like all those Bush supporters who rioted in Seattle, Bush Country at the WTO conference? Or those Bush voters who burned all those condos down in Maryland, Bush Country? Or maybe the condos they torched in San Diego, Bush Country? Or the Bush voters who vandalized and firebombed all those SUVs in California? Or that big riot they had in Los Angeles, Bush Country?

Yeah, we’re the violent ones.


  1. R says:

    I think she means more of “guns.” Cuz we all know hippies are averse to guns.

  2. Northe says:

    Evidence, facts and real life examples don’t detract from the risks they took from being in Bush Country. He uses skulls of protestors, grinds them up and scatters them along the gravel driveways of his ranch. Everybody knows that.

  3. Reverend Darkness says:

    Bush Country?

    Crawford county was the ONLY county in the state of Texas to have a majority vote for John Kerry in the last election.

    A neighbor of the President is offering his land for the protesters to set up camp.

    Yep… that thar’s Bush Country…


  4. Phelps says:

    If so, she has communicated her meaning poorly.

  5. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    I think the hippie chicks should shave off their bushes in protest

  6. HMT says:

    I hear Austin is a mere 2 hours away from Crawford… might require a divergent trip